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Hello Fiber Fans,

Here we go – off on another cyber adventure!  My first blog…

I hope to use this forum to keep you informed of what’s new and noteworthy here at the shop on a more timely basis than the newsletter (and yes, that will still be coming),  share some of the triumphs and failures coming off my needles, and from time to time, interview some of the fiber “celebrities” I meet in my travels.  Most important, however, this forum will be a place where you can easily respond, comment, suggest and share your own fiber thoughts.

First though, I must digress and tell you about my husband’s 70th birthday adventure this past week.  With some trepidation (irrational discomfort in large crowds) I accompanied him to the U2 concert here in Baltimore.   What an experience – awesome doesn’t begin to cover how great it was!  Even when experienced with 79,000 other people Bono’s charisma and passion came through.   The “space ship” (Bono’s term) stage was unbelievable.  Here’s the rather poor picture we got on our cell phone.  Unfortunately, none of the pics with lights came out, but it gives you an idea.  The actual stage was  167 feet high, took 200 tractor trailers to transport and consisted of over 1 million pieces.  During the concert a song was dedicated to Gabrielle Giffords and her husband actually introduced it by video from the space station.  The whole experience was  mind boggling.   By far the best of all, however, was watching my husband rocking out with concert-goers half his age.  Here’s hoping he rocks on for many years to come!

That said, here’s what’s new at the shop.   The long-awaited, much-anticipated second order of ADDI Lace Clicks arrived this week.  The bad news is there is only one set left, the good news is I’ve also been notified our next order shipped yesterday which means they’ll be here next week.  Guess the problems that created the backlog of orders have been resolved so Clicks should be readily available in the future.  Just in case, I have several additional orders in the pipeline so I am not concerned that we will be running out again any time soon.    If you’ve already seen the sets and know you want one, you can purchase over the phone and I will let you know when they are delivered or ship it to you if that suits.  If you have always wondered about or wanted to try a lace needle, come on in and give it a go.  You definitely don’t have to be a lace knitter to enjoy the lace tips, but I warn you they can be addictive and hard to put down!

Also received the Interweave Knits Weekend magazine.    Haven’t had more than a brief peek, but the cover boasts 33 projects and the few I’ve seen look great.  I tend to knit as I garden, planning in the off-season all the things I’ll start when the weather says it’s time.   That means I’m looking for fall/winter knits now.  If you are on a summer knitting sebatical, but miss your needles, stop by and let this mag inspire you with ideas for the time when autumn’s chill makes knitting inviting again.

Also working on the web store which is coming, slowly, slowly, but I hope to have it live in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for that.  And with that reminder of the work waiting to be done, I’ll bid you a fond adieu for today.

Until next time take good care,


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Shalimar yarn is here !

What a great way to start the week. Our Shalimar Yarn order arrived yesterday. The yarn, a dk weight, stonewashed combination of merino, silk and cashmere is called “Breathless” and one customer who was here when I was inventorying said the pile of beautiful colors did leave her breathless. (The other customer who was here at the time bought out all I had of two colors.)

If I hadn’t been waiting for this for so long to make one of the Never Not Knitting shawlettes, I wouldn’t steal any from you to make the sample, but knitting with this will be such a treat I just have to do it. Don’t know how else to describe this except to say this is the kind of yarn that makes us all stop into yarn shops looking for nothing but a soul-nourishing, eye-feasting fix of yarn fondling. I’ll put this one up front so you can get your fix on the way in the door!

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Good, Better, Best …

We’ve just been invited to participate in the wrap-up event for the Shore Update’s “Good, Better, Best” contest. The event is new this year, though the contest is a fixture here on the Shore. It’s always fun to take a minute and think about all of the local businesses that make life here on the Shore so great and then to thank them in a small way by voting and filing a ballot. The Update for those who may not know is a free (you read that right – free!) weekly publication here on the Shore that keeps up all up to date on what’s happening locally. It arrives like clockwork every Thursday in print and they also maintain a web site (

If you would like to participate in the balloting and have a chance at the grand prize, you can download a ballot on the site. Whether you vote or not, the wrap-up event is open to the public, no participation required. It will take place at The Jetty in Grasonville (Kent Narrows) from 5 until 8 on Weds, Aug 31. Should be a lot of fun and they’ll be distributing the awards to the winners of both the contest and the grand prize.

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HPKY – Come and get it!

Just a reminder the opening reception for the HPKY Trunk Show takes place this evening from 6-8.  10% off all of their amazing kits. That is, 10% off those that are left by tonight…  To those who have already taken home a new project, thanks – to those who haven’t seen the show yet, one word – hurry!    Special orders will be available, but take time and cost more so come on in and get started on your holiday knitting or something to spoil yourself while we still have a good selection.  Some lucky shopper could win a 40% off door prize! Here’s a tease to show you some of what we have to show you…

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you about the Shop Hop in Denton last Thursday evening.  It was great fun – made some new fiber friends and renewed acquaintance with others.  Thanks to the ladies of the Quilt Guild for all the hard work.  It was a great venue and went off without a hitch from my limited perspective.   Plans are already underway for next year’s event and IYB will happily take part.

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Life after IYB

Greetings Fiber Fan,

As the first week post-shop proceeds, I wanted to thank all of you who helped with the closing. Whether you came in and purchased inventory or fixtures, helped move things out or just came by to say good bye you helped make the end of IYB as happy as its beginning. I left with a bit of inventory, some great memories, a whole lot of new fiber friends and not a single regret. Thanks to all of you who made that possible!

I also thought I’d share some of the adventures involved in moving a 1,000 sq. ft. shop to an 11 x 12 ft space! Plans to have that space ready by moving day didn’t quite come to fruition, so our foyer is full of yarn and our guest room is chock full of boxes. And of course, our cars are in the driveway as the garage is full of all of the paraphenalia that awaits final positioning in my studio. I also had a bit of a mishap on Monday when Eileen and I were moving final bits and pieces out of the shop and did something to my upper side that makes it hard to breathe or laugh. Urgent Care says my ribs are intact, so I’m just waiting impatiently to get back to full speed, but I did manage to finish painting the woodwork yesterday and will begin wallpapering later today to get our spare guest room ready to become my new workplace. Marty’s getting tired of the temporary office on the dining room table and the pooches just keep wandering around with confused looks on their faces. We’re all adjusting to a new reality and so far I seem to be the only one enjoying it!

Once I can get set up I will begin adding inventory to a new shop page on the web site so I can make room here for the new yarns that will be coming soon. If there was something in the shop that you regret not adding to your stash, here’s a second chance. If you’re interested in a particular item, drop me an email and I’ll let you know what I have left. I just need a few more days to get healthy and organized. I’ll also be posting the teaching schedule here on the web site once I make some commitments. I promise to get moving on that and will keep you updated here.

Headed home to MA for a week at the end of the month and have a lengthy list of yarn shops to visit. Been a while since I’ve been a customer so I’m looking forward to that and I’ll let you know how it goes being on the other side of the counter
Until next time take good care,


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