Hello Fiber Fans,

Here we go – off on another cyber adventure!  My first blog…

I hope to use this forum to keep you informed of what’s new and noteworthy here at the shop on a more timely basis than the newsletter (and yes, that will still be coming),  share some of the triumphs and failures coming off my needles, and from time to time, interview some of the fiber “celebrities” I meet in my travels.  Most important, however, this forum will be a place where you can easily respond, comment, suggest and share your own fiber thoughts.

First though, I must digress and tell you about my husband’s 70th birthday adventure this past week.  With some trepidation (irrational discomfort in large crowds) I accompanied him to the U2 concert here in Baltimore.   What an experience – awesome doesn’t begin to cover how great it was!  Even when experienced with 79,000 other people Bono’s charisma and passion came through.   The “space ship” (Bono’s term) stage was unbelievable.  Here’s the rather poor picture we got on our cell phone.  Unfortunately, none of the pics with lights came out, but it gives you an idea.  The actual stage was  167 feet high, took 200 tractor trailers to transport and consisted of over 1 million pieces.  During the concert a song was dedicated to Gabrielle Giffords and her husband actually introduced it by video from the space station.  The whole experience was  mind boggling.   By far the best of all, however, was watching my husband rocking out with concert-goers half his age.  Here’s hoping he rocks on for many years to come!

That said, here’s what’s new at the shop.   The long-awaited, much-anticipated second order of ADDI Lace Clicks arrived this week.  The bad news is there is only one set left, the good news is I’ve also been notified our next order shipped yesterday which means they’ll be here next week.  Guess the problems that created the backlog of orders have been resolved so Clicks should be readily available in the future.  Just in case, I have several additional orders in the pipeline so I am not concerned that we will be running out again any time soon.    If you’ve already seen the sets and know you want one, you can purchase over the phone and I will let you know when they are delivered or ship it to you if that suits.  If you have always wondered about or wanted to try a lace needle, come on in and give it a go.  You definitely don’t have to be a lace knitter to enjoy the lace tips, but I warn you they can be addictive and hard to put down!

Also received the Interweave Knits Weekend magazine.    Haven’t had more than a brief peek, but the cover boasts 33 projects and the few I’ve seen look great.  I tend to knit as I garden, planning in the off-season all the things I’ll start when the weather says it’s time.   That means I’m looking for fall/winter knits now.  If you are on a summer knitting sebatical, but miss your needles, stop by and let this mag inspire you with ideas for the time when autumn’s chill makes knitting inviting again.

Also working on the web store which is coming, slowly, slowly, but I hope to have it live in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for that.  And with that reminder of the work waiting to be done, I’ll bid you a fond adieu for today.

Until next time take good care,


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